About Us

At Infinite Bullseye, we’re driven by a single purpose: our customers. Our obsession with the success of our customers fuels every decision we make. It is why we have embraced a people-first culture that encourages everyone at the company to drive change on the customer’s behalf. And it’s why we’ve built a platform that gives analytic builders the tools to simplify complex data and provide insights to everyone inside and outside their organizations.

We believe that very soon every company will be a data-driven company, and every product will be a data product. That is why we work every day to give data, product, and business teams the tools they need to transform their organizations into data-driven companies. Among our thousands of customers worldwide are data engineers, developers, analysts, and business leaders in every industry. We pair our dedication to their success with a drive for constant innovation—a combination that has helped us become a global powerhouse that is accelerating data analytics to new heights.

Who are Infinite Bullseye


We are passionate about the company and its success. We are committed to our customers, our teams, and to each other.


We achieve our goals without compromising on quality. We reinvent ourselves to stay on top of our game.


We push innovation within the product and within ourselves. Every day we learn something new.


If we see a gap in something, then we jump in a take ownership. We’re not afraid to make mistakes, rather, we learn from them and make changes.


We are a unique bunch of people that love to work and play together. We make fun a basic part of every day in every way.

Our Company History

Infinite Bullseye began with a simple idea—that data analytics can be made fluent, easy, and fast by radically improving data processing capabilities through technological innovation. There was a tool powerful enough to tackle big and disparate datasets, but simple enough to be used by almost anyone. Since then, Infinite Bullseye started to grow, adding game-changing technology trusted by the world’s most advanced data science teams .

Our Peoples

Dr. BalaAnand Muthu

Lead Data Science Trainer

Dr. Karthik

Head - Machine Learning Team

Dr. Prathik

Head - Computer Vision Team

Dr. Selvaraj

Head - Statistical Team

Mr. Senthil Kumar Kothandapani

Head - Strategy Team

Mr. Vinothraj Velumayil

Lead Programming Trainer

Mr. M Rakesh Kumar

Head - Internet of Things Team

Mr. Parthasarathy

Head - Artificial Intelligence Team

About Infinite Bullseye

We are a technology consulting firm that specializes in providing data analytics, visualization, strategy, data architecture and training. We support multiple platforms including Tableau, Qlik, Denodo, Microsoft, Splunk, R, Python, SPSS and SAS.

Contact us

# 38,Vignesh Apartment,
Selva Vinayagar Street,
Vaibav Nagar Phase 1,
Vellore 632 014,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Email us @ hr@infinitebullseye.com